Our packing and unpacking service a stress-stripping move

March 29, 2018

Did you know that our Geelong removalists offer a comprehensive packing and unpacking service to help make your move as comfortable and easy as possible?

This optional service is welcome news to many of our residential and business clients who want to escape the stressful, time consuming and physically tiring job of boxing their possessions for moving day. But, as we all know, that’s only half the chore – those same possessions then have to be unpacked at the other end despite your exhaustion levels and relocation-day headache.

But, with Moving Home’s crew going that extra mile, the task is so much easier. Forget the mammoth job of packing and wrapping those items for safe transportation. Our expert team, armed with all the professional tips of the trade and years of experience, will do it for you.

You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that our packing and unpacking service will ensure your possessions are carefully stored in quality cartons for safe transportation to their new location, be it across town or across state borders. You don’t have to source the boxes, tape and wrapping material either. That’s part of the service.

With our team handling the process, the unpacking part of the equation is much simpler too. Because we are labelling gurus at Moving Home, you won’t end up with a confusing mass of boxes being unpacked in the wrong room at the end of the move.

And when the cartons are emptied, we won’t walk out the door and leave you with a stack of cardboard, tape and paper to clear away. We’ll take it with us, leaving you to enjoy your new location without the mess that can accompany a move.

Whether you are too busy at work and with family commitments to tackle a a major pack, or the task is too physically challenging or frustrating for you, there’s no need to stress. Turn the task over to our packing specialists and relax.

If our packing and unpacking service sounds more attractive to you by the minute, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Moving Home for more information.