Packing and unpacking, Geelong

We know life is crazy, busy. Add to that moving house or business in Geelong or elsewhere and your crazy life just could spiral out of control. Luckily, Moving Home is able to help with an optional packing and unpacking service second to none that will save you time and ease stress.

Moving Home are professional movers and packers and we offer a comprehensive packing service, which not only eases the stress on you and your family, but guarantees even the most fragile of your belongings will arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

Our packing team uses only the best-quality boxes, tapes and wrapping materials to pack each and every item you own, from the most delicate piece of china to your cutlery. After years of experience and training, you can rest assured our team knows all the tips, secrets and techniques to guarantee a break-free move. Even better, we are labelling experts. No more, “where on earth did I pack that?” moments or trying to remember what you packed in that falling-apart supermarket box.

And of course, it’s a packing and unpacking service, which means – if you want us to – we can unpack the boxes for you as well. It’s an option that can make moving into your new home just that little bit easier. Our staff also take care of all the rubbish – boxes, tape and packaging. Now that’s an easy move.

Of course, our packing and unpacking service isn’t limited to local moves. We will pack and unpack your home or business, whether you are moving within Geelong and district or the state, to the city or anywhere interstate.