About Moving Home, Geelong removalist

Gavin Sammit started in the removalists business in 2010 with the business name Kustome Removals. As time progressed Gavin’s father could see Gavin was offering a great service and that the business was a success. His father decided to pass on the family business name Moving Home to Gavin and the new name helped take the business to the next level.

Moving Home is now a leading removalist in Geelong with four fully equipped and operational trucks within the business, with potential to grow  more in the future.

Some of the Moving Homes removalists team in Geelong –


“I was born into the furniture removals industry and my father has been operating his own removalists businesses all my life. He has been providing a quality service moving furniture for over 35 years, I couldn’t thank him enough for teaching me everything I know about furniture removals. I began working for my parents at 13 years of age and was trained in interstate and local removals, pianos and pool tables.

“I have worked for other furniture removal companies including world-wide businesses and was trained to pre-pack, internationally wrap and move items such as grand pianos.

“I decided after many years of working in the industry that I could provide my own professional and affordable service to the public. I have a passion for furniture removals  and I feel that is the most important part of being able to offer a great service. I don’t believe running the business is enough on its own so I am still part of the team, going to work with all my employees every morning possible.”


“After hearing many stories about Gavin’s day at work and past experience as a removalist, it came as no surprise one late afternoon when he suggested we start our own removalist business. I was looking forward to starting something new, I had heard so many interesting stories.

“Together Gavin and I learnt how to keep up to date with the business and manage our financials. Between Gavin and Red I was shown how to quote relocations correctly, pre-pack and unpack. Gavin and I also provide in-home assessments, which we really enjoy, and  I believe this helps us connect and understand all our customers’ different needs. I am grateful to be part of this family and team within Moving Home and look forward to many more years to come.”

I am grateful to be part of this family and team of furniture removalists within Moving Home and look forward to many more years to come.”


“Over the past few years I have held several different jobs, I have never felt that I really fit in. I always loved being outdoors, travelling and meeting new people, furniture removals seemed perfect. On Christmas Day 2012 I phoned Gavin and asked for a job within his business.

“Gavin personally trained me for the first six months, showing me how to manoeuvre items up staircases, load the trucks correctly, how to secure loads, etc. We went on many interstate removalists trips together, travelling to Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

“I am glad to have finally found a job that I really enjoy. It’s a bonus to be able to see my twin sister Danielle every day at work. I feel privileged that I was given the opportunity to prove myself. I strongly believe I have become a great asset within the company.”

Please get in touch if you’d like more information about the Moving Home team and its furniture removalists services in Geelong.