Furniture removalists, Geelong

Hauling your furniture can be the most daunting aspect of moving house and is often on top of any to-do list when relocating. Moving Home are expert furniture removalists servicing Geelong and district – no job is too big or too small, and all possessions are treated with meticulous care.

From the planning process through to our Geelong packing service, Moving Home will work with you to provide a customised and effective way of moving your largest possessions. Whether it’s couches, beds, recliners, dining settings or outdoor furniture, our removalists are champions when it comes to efficiently and safely getting these items from A to B.

There can be a range of factors impacting your decision to call on our removalists to move your furniture. You might be trying to do it alone and it’s just too much, you could simply be too time poor while you continue to manage the rest of your busy schedule, or it might just be too difficult physically.

Moving house was a lot simpler in your youth in the times of share housing and minimal possessions, when children and a family were still a long way down the track. But as time passes and your life evolves, your possessions grow and spare time becomes a thing of the past – this is just another example of when to call Moving Home when relocating.

All our removalist services, ranging from moving a piano around the corner to our interstate removals for Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast, are hassle-free because we have the equipment and resources for any furniture move. Our movers are experienced, professional and available around-the-clock, seven days a week. Furniture removals is our forte, we consider ourselves the best in the business.

When you trust us with your possessions, you can be confident they will make it to your new home with minimum fuss.