Experienced antique removalist handles Geelong’s treasures

July 27, 2016

Just because you’re moving to a new home doesn’t mean you have to part with your treasured family heirlooms including antiques.

As the antique removalist Geelong people trust, we understand these items can hold high sentimental and monetary value to you. They’re precious and they need to be handled with extreme care by experienced professionals. And that’s us, the Moving Home crew.

If you have a delicate china cabinet full of fragile porcelain that needs to shift homes with you, we can handle it. Perhaps you need to transport a beautiful grandfather clock that belonged to your grandfather’s grandfather, a centuries old mirror-back antique sideboard or a French provincial walnut armoire crafted in the 1700s. Well, we’re the team for the task.

Our experienced removalist crew in Geelong will take great care to correctly prepare antiques and precious items for removal, protect them from harm during their road trip and then carefully place them in their new location. Our modern trucks are well equipped to handle your important cargo, with crew using ties, bands and straps to secure antiques carefully in place to prevent movement during travel. We also use pads and removal blankets to provide an extra layer of protection during the moving process. And because antiques can be large, unwieldy and heavy, we use quality lifting equipment where needed to get the job done safely for removalists and the furniture on the go.

While you are passionate about your precious antiques, we at Moving Home are passionate about delivering a great result for our clients. We are committed to making your move as smooth as possible, ensuring all items including antiques and artwork reach their destination safely, efficiently and at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a removalist in Geelong to transport your antiques, please contact us at Moving Home for more information.