Quality furniture removals Geelong clients want

January 30, 2016

Your furniture is precious and infuses your home with comfort and character.

As experts in the field of furniture removals Geelong, our team at Moving Home gets that. We understand that furniture holds a place in your heart, not just your house. And we believe it should be treated with the utmost respect and care during any relocation.

Perhaps you’ve got heirloom pieces that have been handed down from generation to generation and help tell the history of your family. Perhaps your furniture is brand new. Perhaps it packs a sentimental punch or is purely for decoration. The bottom line is whatever its size, shape, age or value, it’s precious to you. And that means it’s precious to us.

As your furniture removals specialist in Geelong, we treat all pieces we transport exactly the same – with the utmost care. You won’t see our removalists carelessly stacking items into a van. No, that’s not how we work. Instead we calculate how to best transport all your furniture to minimise the risk of damage and get it to your new destination safely. And then we carry out that plan.

With careful lifting techniques and equipment, we make sure your furniture is correctly placed in our trucks. And, once it’s there, we use specially-fitted straps and ties to hold it securely in place. We also have protective blankets and pads to ensure it is unharmed during transportation. Whether it is an antique or a thift-shop purchase, nothing is left to chance.

As a family-run business we take great pride in delivering a quality, affordable service for our clients. We’re passionate about doing our job well and have the experience and knowledge to make every move a success.

When it comes to furniture removals Geelong people want – stress free, safe and reliable – then contact us at Moving Home and we’ll deliver. We recognise how important your furniture is to you and we’ll ensure it reaches its new location safely.