Moving Home Tips for Geelong Residents

May 24, 2015

We have put together a few tips to help keep costs to a minimum on moving day. These tips will help our team work efficiently and help keep moving as stress free as possible. Moving Home is the right removal company to call whether you are local to Geelong or moving to a new area in Geelong, we are here to help in every way we can.

1. Our first tip is labelling. Label everything or just the items you may be leaving behind. This will ensure no items are taken by mistake. Depending on how much time you have before the big move you may consider labelling your furniture and boxes with colour coded stickers or post it notes. For example you may label all items to be placed in he living room with a blue sticker and above the entry to the living room place another blue sticker.

It is also important to label all boxes, some boxes can be quite awkward to move around the house by yourself. If all boxes are labelled correctly our team can place them in the right rooms and there will be no need to re-handle any boxes. This will also make unpacking easier after the move.

2. Second step involves planning and a visit to the new home if possible. This is something that is quite often forgotten but a key step to being organised for the move It is important to measure the space required for items such as the fridge, washing machine and dryer. This will help give you time to arrange any alterations prior to moving day. We also suggest you measure the washing machine hose to make sure it will reach with its new placement.

To help utilize time on the day ensure you have pre-planned where all your furniture will be placed prior to or teams arrival. You can guide or team as they are unloading in the new home, alternatively you can draw a map. The map should show which items are placed in each room and also where in the room they are to be placed. Once all your belongings are unloaded into the new home we advise a quick run through or check just to make sure there are no changes to be made before our departure. This will ensure no heavy lifting is required once we have left. Sometimes things can look different t how you had imagined, our team are more than happy to ensure the new house feels like home.

3. Third step can be quite time consuming, however will help keep costings down and keep moving time to a minimal. Any items that need to be dismantled to fit through doorways for example, should be dismantled prior to our teams arrival. Items such as beds, trampolines and swings.

All small items such as keyboards on desks, cushions on couches and ornaments on shelves should all be packed into boxes or bags. Moving these items unpacked can consume un-required time. All DVD players, game consoles, computers and printers should be unplugged and packed ready for transport. You can always take a photo of the electronic set up, this will make setting up a lot easier.

Defrosting the fridge and freezer. We suggest you try using all food in the fridge and freezer prior to moving day, this will make packing up and defrosting easier. Perfect time to give the fridge a clean. You should defrost the fridge 24 to 48 hours in advance. This way the movers won’t have to deal with leaky appliances.

4. Keep all walkways clear for your removalists, helping prevent any damages. For example if there are boxes along the hallway this may make it difficult to manoeuvre past, making a un-necessary tripping hazard.

We suggest you don’t overcrowd rooms. Sometimes it may seem like a good idea to move all your belongings into the garage or into one room, however this is not always the case. Quite often it will cause us to double handle items. For example we may need to move all the smaller lighter items such as chairs, bags etc. in order to get to what we call “base”. Items that are commonly used for base include chest of drawers, fridges, washing machines, sideboards, etc. (all the heavy items). Sometimes it is helpful to have items organised but well distributed throughout the house so that team can pick and choose what items need to be taken into the truck first.

5. Our last tip is quite simple and will take no time at all. Ask about specials. Companies often run regular specials. For example we have a new Pensioner / Health Care Card Holder discount. Available to all Pensioners and all families who hold a health care card. Our special is applicable to all bookings make on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If you can save up to 20% by moving early in the week, why not?