Caring furniture removals for Geelong moves

March 30, 2015

A conversation with a furniture retailer at the weekend revealed that the price of furniture is rising as the value of the Aussie dollar drops. This news has implications for anybody who’s moving home in the near future and means their removals team must take particular care with their furniture because replacements are going to become more expensive.

Yes, insurance does help but if your $3000 lounge suite is now worth $5000 to replace then you might find yourself short-changed if you removals crew doesn’t take the care it should.

Luckily, the options for furniture removals Geelong households have access to includes Moving Home, the team with a proven record for treating its clients’ furniture with the same care and respect they would their own property.

Gavin and Danielle Sammit and their dedicated removals team are committed to satisfying their clients, and satisfaction means leaving furniture removals clients in Geelong and elsewhere happy and content with the service they’ve received.

Moving a lounge suite might not sound that difficult if you can round up a couple of strong blokes. But if you stop for a moment to think about the weight, shape, size and fragility – yes, fragility –of that lounge suite, then that move becomes a whole new equation.

A softa or lounge chair might look robust and strong, and they usually are – when you’re sitting on them! But remember, sofas and lounge chairs are for sitting, not for lifting and it takes special care when lifting and moving them to ensure the frame structure is not compromised and joints weakened. Weaken the frame and joints and suddenly your lounge suite is not what it used to be. It’s the unseen damage you need to consider as well as the visible, and that’s what Moving Home takes into account. We want your furniture to arrive at your new home with both the outside and inside as good as when they left your premises.

Moving Home provides the quality of furniture removals Geelong households should expect as the norm, not the exception. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our furniture removals service or to receive a quote for your move.