Geelong movers excited about growth forecasts

February 28, 2015

We were catching up on the online news recently and came across figures forecasting Geelong’s population growth in the next 15 years – and almost fell off the chair! Currently with a population of about 230,000, forecasters are tipping Geelong will have a population of almost 298,000 by 2031. Imagine that. Almost 300,000 people living in Geelong, an increase of more than 30 percent on our current population.

What a great vote of confidence for Geelong and what a great boost for the city’s business community, particularly for businesses like Moving Home. As one of the premier Geelong movers it looks like we’re not going to have much spare time moving people into their new homes during the next decade or two.

Think of it! We’ve already got more than 10,000 small, medium and large businesses in Geelong employing more than 80,000 workers, so imagine what the figures will be by 2031. We’re won’t be known as Sleepy Hollow any more, that’s for sure!

At Moving Home we take a great interest in the happenings in and around Geelong and after the numerous media outlets’ forecasts of doom and gloom that have shrouded this beautiful city, it’s great to read such promising and encouraging news.

Today we’d like to encourage people with friends, families and business associates considering the move to or from Geelong to put Moving Home at the top of their list of Geelong movers. Our professional movers treat each and every one of their clients’ property as if it were their own – that’s the way we do things at Moving Home. Our reputation is enormously important to us and although we might only have to move you once, we want the experience to be so good that you have no hesitation recommending us to your friends, families and anybody else who might be moving.

If you’d like to know more about Moving Home or to receive a quotation for our services, make sure you contact us and we’ll ensure your move is simple and hassle-free.