Tips for moving house, Geelong

December 9, 2014

Moving day is acknowledged as a busy, stressful day, but a little bit of planning can make moving house to or from Geelong much easier.

Lists, lists and more lists

People either love lists or hate them, but for your sanity, lists help when you’re moving. Keep lists of addresses you need to change, utilities to contact and an inventory of furniture and belongings.

Survival kit

About a week before the Moving Home team arrive, pack a ‘moving house survival kit’ for the day. Add tea, coffee, mugs, teaspoons, the kettle, long-life milk, toilet paper and snacks. Scissors or a sharp knife to cut packing tape can also be handy if you are unpacking your belongings yourself. Think about asking a friend to drop off lunch during the day. Being hungry and moving house is not an ideal combination.

Also, pack linen and towels so you can make up the beds in your new home with clean sheets.

Phones and chargers

Make sure you fully charge your phone the night before your move, and keep the charges in your survival kit, that way you can be sure the Moving Home team can contact you if need be.

Children and pets

Moving house in Geelong, or anywhere else for that matter,  is a busy time and having to keep the kids entertained or an eye on your wandering pooch will just raise your stress levels. Ask a friend or family member to look after your children and pet for the day, or better still arrange a sleepover, so you can concentrate on moving home and know your children and pets are safe and looked after.

Valuables and important documents

Keep your legal documents, valuable jewellery, passports and any other important treasures with you on the day of your move.

As you leave

Once the Moving Home removalists have just about filled the truck, do a final check of every room as well as the garage, shed and garden to make sure nothing has been left behind. Close and lock all doors and windows.

Contact the team at Moving Home in Geelong if you’d like help preparing for your big move. We’re the team for house removals Geelong and district can rely on.